Toyota Motor Corporation has recently announced the world premiere of its new Land Cruiser “250” Series, set to launch in the first half of 2024 in Japan. This announcement also marks the return of the heavy-duty Land Cruiser “70” to the Japanese market. The new 250 Series aims to be a core Land Cruiser model that embodies the vehicle’s original ethos: a simple, sturdy vehicle designed to meet both lifestyle and practical needs.

Key Features of the 250 Series

Improved Off-Road Performance

The new 250 Series is built on the GA-F platform, the same as the 300 Series, which significantly enhances its off-road capabilities. The vehicle boasts a 50% increase in frame rigidity and a 30% increase in overall rigidity. It also features improved wheel articulation, a key indicator of off-road performance.

Advanced Powertrain Options

The 250 Series offers a variety of powertrains, including a first-ever hybrid system for a Land Cruiser. These powertrains are designed to deliver powerful driving performance while also being environmentally friendly, aligning with Toyota’s carbon neutrality initiatives.

Styling that Fuses Tradition and Modernity

The exterior and interior styling of the 250 Series combines traditional and modern elements in a functional package. The design focuses on three key aspects: reliability, timeless simplicity, and professional functional beauty.

Class-Leading Safety Features

The latest Toyota Safety Sense package comes standard on all new Land Cruiser grades, expanding the range of detectable accidents and providing peace of mind during driving.

The Land Cruiser Legacy

The Land Cruiser series, originally launched as the Toyota BJ in 1951, has a rich history of over 70 years. It has been developed and refined based on actual usage situations of global customers. With cumulative sales of about 11.3 million units in approximately 170 countries, the Land Cruiser has been a reliable companion for people worldwide.

The 250 Series: Back to the Origin

In developing the 250 Series, Toyota’s then-President Akio Toyoda emphasized that the Land Cruiser should be a vehicle that supports people’s lives and local communities. The development team took this to heart, creating a vehicle that returns to the origin of the Land Cruiser: a simple and sturdy vehicle that can be trusted by customers to fulfill their lifestyle choices and practical needs.

What’s Next?

Even after the 250 Series is released, the Land Cruiser will continue to evolve to meet a range of social needs, remaining a trustworthy, reliable, and practical choice for customers worldwide.

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Source: Toyota