After successfully releasing fully licensed replicas of driveable cars such as the Bugatti Type 35 and Aston Martin DB5, the Little Car Company has come up with a new project.

For its newest project, LCC has taken the XXL and built an 8/10 version of one of Tamiya’s most iconic 1980s R/C cars, the Tamiya Wild One Max.Tamiya Wild One MAX (5)


Just like the original, the new Wild One Max is a battery-powered vehicle that you can assemble at home. However, at nearly 138-inches long, and weighing up to 250 kg, it takes a very large and sturdy worktop for this new kit.

The now electric-powered Wild One Max runs on an electric motor that powers the rear wheels with a 2 kWh battery pack capable of 25 miles. While the rear-mounted electric motor delivers 4kW of electric muscle to the rear wheels to propel Max to 30 mph.

Tamiya Wild One MAX (2)

According to the Little Car Company, this large Tamiya Wild One Max has a power of 5.5 hp. It also reportedly gets 15-inch offroad tires, making it the perfect off-road vehicle for your outdoor adventure.

The Wild One Max itself is built around a steel spaceframe chassis equipped with coil-over suspension, and Brembo hydraulic brakes.

According to Tamiya, you can assemble the Wild One Max at home piece by piece, just like the original 1/10 scale model. There’s a large sheet of Tamiya stickers put on your Wild One Max right once installed, just like the regular Tamiya.

Tamiya Wild One MAX (3)

Pricing & Availability

As of right now, the Tamiya Wild One Max is currently in the development stage. It is expected to be released in 2022 with estimated prices of around 6,000 pounds for the UK, 7,000 euros for other parts of Europe, and 8,250 US dollars for the United States.