This foldable headphone is designed for convenience and comfort with premium quality sound. LCD-1 Headphone features Audeze’s most powerful planar magnetic technology in a light-weight, foldable, and open-black design. It also delivers tuned audio in a travel-friendly and compact package for audiophile mixing and listening.

LCD-1 Headphone features an open circumaural design with enhanced transparency and sound stage. It also provides a wide dynamic range with 90mm over-ear planar drivers. The ultra-thin Uniforce™ Diaphragms can create unparalleled sonic detail and accuracy and the Fluxor™ Magnets are added for a powerful sound and efficiency.

The sound that comes from the LCD-1 Headphone offers deep rich bass with low audible distortion. It is designed with a light-weight construction, headband for extended comfort, and robust memory foam ear pads. The premium cable for tangle-free connection is 3.5mm in long with reversible headphone connectors. The travel case and 1/4″ adapter are also included.

LCD 1 Headphone 1

LCD 1 Headphone 2

LCD 1 Headphone 3

LCD 1 Headphone 4