A combination of new urban mobility, design thinking, and social innovation can be found in Biomega EV. It is an electric vehicle with 60 kW of maximum power, 82 hp of power hp, and 130 km/h of top speed. The removable battery capacity is 20 kWh with 200 kg of the weight. It also has has a CFRP body shell structure with aluminum crossbeams and 4 in-hub motors on external wheels.

Biomega EV offers simplified, comfort, and sustainability interior and integrated elements with the less-is-more approach of Scandinavian design standards. The new open-wheel vehicle typology in this vehicle allows for a flat floor and easy maneuvering, especially in the tight urban spaces. It also provided a fascia window to maximize the road view.

The battery pack can be contained on the floor within a ladder chassis by a skateboard structure. Biomega EV has a modular swapping battery system, 4 independent engines and 4 independent seats with extra legroom. The minimal components and lightweight materials are used to maximize space and create a low weight. With this low weight, the range can be improved, the battery consumption also can be minimized, offering an affordable and sustainable solution. Biomega EV will be released in 2021.

Biomega EV 1

Biomega EV 3

Biomega EV 4

Biomega EV 5

Biomega EV 2