BladeX is the slimmest on-the-go monitor. It is a super portable monitor that can increase productivity with its slim and lightweight design. With 2 pounds in weight only, the user can easily to store and travel with it. BladeX is available in 4K and 1080P high definition versions with 15.6” monitor screen.

It is a super slim 4.5mm monitor with USB-C or HDMI, makes it perfect travel companion. BladeX can be positioned in Portrait or Landscape with 9 mm thick base. Designed with an integrated battery, it becomes an awesome monitor when a quick secondary display is desired or for plane rides.

For gamers, BladeX is the recommended monitor to play the favorite game console everywhere including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. The users also can use their smartphone then connect it to this monitor for watching a video and checking email. The best thing about this monitor is its flexibility that can be used for working anywhere.

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