For the game lovers, New BittBoy V3 can remind them of some simple games which are very fun. This new Bittboy comes with the latest customized firmware installed that can support more games, including the games from MicroSD card. The game types that supported by New BittBoy V3 are NES / GB / GBC / GBA / SNES / SMD / SM S/ PCE / NEOGEO.

One of the best features from the New BittBoy V3 is the game progress can be loaded and saved easily. There is no ghost key issue too. The vibration function makes every game in this product is more interesting to be played. New BittBoy V3 comes in GB style color and made from ABS material.

The size of New BittBoy V3 is 6.8 x 9.9 x 1.3 cm with 2.4″ IPS Display Tempered Glass screen. With the English languages, it is very easy to understand how each game should be played. The packages of New BittBoy V3 consists of New BittBoy V3 and USB charging cable. With the 700mAh lithium battery, playing time can be much longer and fun.

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