IK Multimedia offers an analog or PCM drum machine called UNO Drum. It is an ultimate beat creation station to create inspiring, high-quality, and warm grooves. UNO Drum is made with a collaboration of Italian analog specialist Soundmachines to provide digital convenience and flexibility which is also ultra-portable and fully programmable.

IK Multimedia UNO Drum has 12 sounding drum elements of both analog and digital sounds for the dynamic and richest drum sounds. There are also claps, snares, hi-hats, and kick drums to characterize every unique rhythm. The users allow to create their own custom kits from scratch, save them, and store them for later use. With 3 master effects, the grooves can be harder and aggressive.

This drum machine is very easy to use and perform. IK Multimedia UNO Drum has 12 touch-sensitive pads with two velocity zones for easier programming and expressive live playing. The users also can use them with a pad-style feel or add their own live flare to play entire beats live. With USB and traditional MIDI via 2.5mm jacks, UNO Drum can be integrated with both iOS and Mac/PC device.

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