Canon Inc. has announced the launch of the MS-500, a groundbreaking ultra-high-sensitivity ILC (Interchangeable-Lens Camera) equipped with a 1” SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) sensor. This sensor boasts the world’s highest pixel count of 3.2 megapixels and is set to be released in late August 2023.

Advanced Surveillance Capabilities

The MS-500 is designed to support advanced surveillance, particularly in areas with extremely high security levels such as seaports, public infrastructure facilities, and national borders. The camera’s ultra-high sensitivity, with a minimum subject illumination of 0.001 lux, allows for clear video capture of subjects several kilometers away, even in the nighttime darkness.

SPAD Sensor Technology

The SPAD sensor utilizes “photon counting” technology, which counts light particles (photons) that enter a pixel. This enables the detection of even small amounts of light, with incoming photons instantly amplified approximately 1 million times. The digital counting of photons ensures that noise does not enter during signal readout, allowing for clear color video shooting under extremely low-light conditions.

Long Range Surveillance at Night

The combination of the SPAD sensor and Canon’s extensive lineup of ultra-telephoto broadcast lenses enables long-range surveillance at night. The bayonet lens mount, based on BTA S-1005B standards, allows the camera to identify subjects at a distance of several kilometers, even in complete darkness.

Image Correction Functions

The MS-500 features image correction functions to enhance visibility, including noise and haze reduction. The “CrispImg2” function optimizes sharpness, gamma curve, and noise reduction settings for monitoring applications. Additionally, the camera supports a “haze compensation” function, which reduces the effects of haze and mist, providing improved video quality.

A New Era of Surveillance

The MS-500 represents a significant advancement in the field of surveillance technology. Its ultra-high sensitivity and innovative SPAD sensor technology enable precise monitoring in challenging lighting conditions. The camera’s ability to capture clear videos at great distances, even in the dark, positions it as a valuable tool for high-security monitoring systems.

Canon’s MS-500 is a pioneering development in the world of ultra-high-sensitivity cameras. Its unique SPAD sensor technology and advanced image correction functions make it a game-changer for surveillance applications. As the world’s first camera equipped with a SPAD sensor for color video shooting, the MS-500 sets a new standard for surveillance capabilities.

For more detailed specifications and information about the MS-500, visit Canon’s website.

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