The unique look of Deus SR 500 Milano Street Tracker is not only stylish but also perfect for everyday use. The design of this two-wheeled vehicle is inspired by the paved roadway, especially the cobblestone-lined streets of Milano, Italy. It is Marco Renieri’s tailored project with the help of motorcycle customizer Deus Ex Machina.

The project of Deus SR 500 Milano Street Tracker starts from an SR 500 donor then it is retrofitted, modified, and acquired with some street-faring parts. This two-wheeled vehicle has an SDG Aluminum rear swing arm, Discacciati brake system, Ohlin’s rear shock absorber, and Keihin FCR carburetor.

In order to round out Deus SR 500 Milano Street Tracker, a rear subframe, hidden custom electrical work, and minimalist SC-Project exhaust system are modified to create the beautiful aesthetic cues of a modernized track racer these days. With a ufo headlamp too, the user can have an awesome journey when the dark comes at night.

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