Pursang E Track 2
Environmentally-friendly motorized vehicles are a trend in the future development of the automotive industry. Most recently, this segment is graced with the arrival of Pursang E-Track, an electric motorbike by Bultaco which is headquartered in Spain.
2021 Honda Trail 125 Abs 1
Honda was busy preparing for a new year model. The Japanese brand is apparently preparing to release a new product with a trail bike-style appearance. The motorbike is none other than the latest edition of the 2021 CT125.
Indian Eftr Jr 2
The FTR has a look that has appealed to all riders from the start. So inevitably, the Indian eFTR Jr seeks to do as the adults. And that, Indian Motorcycles understood very well with its eFTR Jr.
Damon Hypersport 4
Designed with ultimate power, Damon Hypersport has Damon’s all-electric powertrain to deliver 0 - 60 mph in under 3 seconds and an eye-watering 200 Horsepower. This motorcycle is also equipped with Damon’s award-winning 360º Advanced Warning System for unparalleled situational awareness. It is the first motorcycle in the world that can change its shape while on the fly.
Scrambler Ducati 1100 Pro 6
Scrambler Ducati 1100 Pro is contemporary and also attractive. It has Ducati Traction Control, an electronic system of active security to control and measure the rear wheel’s slip. The Bosch Cornering ABS in this product also can regulate the pressure of the braking system and identify to what extent the bike is leaning.
NIU Electric Scooter NQi GT 1
NIU Electric Scooter - NQi GT is built for speed with its three unique driving modes: E-SAVE, DYNAMIC, and SPORT. It is a faster scooter with 70 km/hour as its top speed, a perfect speed for urban travel. Partnered with BOSCH, a specially tailored motor with a nominal power output of 3000w is provided through this scooter for instantaneous acceleration from a standstill.
Snowrider 2
Made in Siberia, this durable snow bike kit is made from high-quality materials. Snowrider is a perfect ski-track suspension kit fir enduro motorcycles and mounting on motocross. It is a reliable product that has been developed for the toughest adventure in the mountains and on sports tracks.
Tacita T Race Motard 3
100% fun without any emissions. Tacita T-Race Motard is a perfect vehicle for contemporary street riders. It has an awesome performance for mountain roads or motard track. The Gen.2 Tacita® engine is combined with a redesigned chassis to boost the best experience.
Ural FRWL 5
From Rusia with Love or FRWL is a limited edition motorcycle from Ural Motorcycles. Ural FRWL is inspired by the sophistication and elegance of the ultimate espionage icon. It offers stainless trim, timeless chrome, and luxurious upholstery with a unique blend of silver birch.