Indian Scout Bobber Twenty Motorcycle 3
Indian Scout Bobber Twenty Motorcycle has old school bobber looks but it has new school technology. The design nods back to the original Scout with power and throwback styling all-in-one ride. The bobber-style seat offers an aggressive riding position with wired wheels for throwback styling and liquid-cooled, 69-cubic-inch, 100-horsepower V-Twin for punchy acceleration.
Street Triple RS 2020 5
More power and more torque are set up in TRIUMPH Street Triple RS 2020. This motorcycle has a 765cc triple engine developed by Triumph’s Moto2TM engine team, 9% higher mid-range torque, and 9% more mid-range power. It also offers a more responsive throttle and a more distinctive sound. The slip and assist clutch are combined with a smooth, refined gearbox.
2020 Kawasaki Z H2 1
Kawasaki always comes with motorcycles that have Sugomi™ styling, excitement, and unrivaled performance with a flagship model, including this one: 2020 Kawasaki Z H2. It has a powerful, balanced supercharged engine that marks the beginning of a new era.
Snowmobiling Recharged Aurora Powertrains 1
Snowmobiling Recharged - Aurora Powertrains comes as the best vehicle to explore the unique nature of the Arctic. It is the next generation of electric snowmobile, tested and developed in the demanding conditions of the Arctic Circle. The rider can enjoy pure silence and pure power with insane instant torque.
Zero DS 1
As the most capable adventure-ready electric motorcycle, Zero DS is designed for an effortless adventure by Zero Motorcycles. The rider can explore new roads without noise at all. It is a simple, comfortable, fun, and fast motorcycle with silent stump-pulling torque that can churn up to an outrageous 116 ft-lb. This motorcycle is also designed with the highest power and energy density battery in the EV industry.
Energica EGO 7
As the world’s first Italian street-legal electric motorcycle, Energica EGO offers a high racing performance without any emissions. It is a synchronous oil-cooled motor with permanent magnets, 107kW (145 hp of instantaneous power, and a torque of 144 ft lb. At the top speed, this motorcycle can reach 150 mph with vigorous thrust and easy to be recharged in the outdoor charging stations or at home.
Vespa Elettrica 1
It is Vespa Elettrica with a powerful engine and stylish design. The engine power is 4kW with 100 km of battery range, 4 hours of maximum recharge in, and zero emissions. This vehicle is a work of art with a high technology that makes the electrical mobility is easier and flexible.
Indian Scout 2
A combination of unbridled power and exceptional handling in Indian Scout can make every ride feels amazing. This motorcycle has agile handling with low seat height and center of gravity for an exceptionally balanced ride. Its power can deliver the best performance in its class.
With only 750 available worldwide, ROCKET 3 TFC is a British engineering masterpiece. This ultimate motorcycle is designed with exclusive and first-class performance. It has all-new 2500cc triple engine can deliver the world’s highest torque and heart-stopping muscular presence. For an unbelievable deep growling soundtrack, ROCKET 3 TFC is also equipped with tailor-made, unique Arrow mufflers and carbon-fiber end caps.
Zeus Radial V8 5
Meet Zeus Radial V8 from Curtiss Motorcycles, a unique all-electric motorcycle designed with 'V8' powertrain. It has a battery pack has been designed in V8 format and arranged not only for show but also help in better cooling efficiency.