EVBox Troniq Charger is not only flexible but also reliable and powerful. This charger has an output of up to 50 kW with a whole new standard for fast charging stations. It has a secure and user-friendly design for any environment and electric car. The smart power management capabilities, multiple stations are easy to be operated n an energy-efficient manner and at a low-cost.

The fast-charging stations of EVBox Troniq Charger charge up to 125 km in 30 minutes (50 kW). It also has high-quality power electronic components, an advanced heating system, rugged high-impact housing, and unique auto-retractable cables. This charger also offers grid connection cost savings via optional battery storage to smart queuing capabilities.

The color touchscreen of this charger comes with 4 different languages. The weight is 350 kg with 920 x 1920 x 465 mm of its dimensions. Besides 3 year warranty, the full package of this product consists of EvBox Troniq Charger, Full-Service Installation, and Charging Management with Hey EvBox.

EVBox Troniq Charger 1

EVBox Troniq Charger 2