With its awesome power and zero turbo lag, Ferrari F8 Spider becomes the greatest achievement of a unique and special car. This vehicle has a V8 engine with 185 cv/l of specific output and 720 cv of maximum power. It is powerful, elegant, and also made to be enjoyed by all drivers.

The integrating engine and aerodynamics performance comes with the latest iteration of the vehicle dynamics control systems. The control systems now also extend to the Race setting of the manettino and low grip condition. For the design, Ferrari F8 Spider has a classic design with a driver-oriented look typical of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined berlinettas.

The dash is made from an aluminum sail panel that supports the central satellite and creates a sense of visual lightness with its sliver of carbon fiber. There is also an optional 7” touchscreen passenger-side display for the driver. Ferrari F8 Spider offers a concept that creates a symbiotic relationship between car and driver.

Ferrari F8 Spider 1

Ferrari F8 Spider 2

Ferrari F8 Spider 3