This most helpful phone is designed with the new Google Assistant, an envolved camera, and Motion Sense. Google Pixel 4 can capture rich color and detail with Night Sight even in the dark. The camera also can capture the cosmos and take photos of the Milky Way. It is very easy to adjust brightness and shadows separately with its dual exposure controls.

The second camera lends in Google Pixel 4 able to give photos of a DSLR-like quality in Portrait Mode. The free unlimited storage is also available on Google Photos. One of the best things from this phone is its new Google Assistant that can provide a fast and easy way to use and control the phone.

The Motion Sense offers a new way to control Google Pixel 4. This technology uses radar to help in using the phone without touching it. The users can navigate their favorite music and snooze alarms with Quick Gestures with this sense. The face unlocks also delivers a simple way to securely unlock the phone, get into apps, and make payments.

Google Pixel 4 is equipped with custom-made Titan M security chip to protect data, 3 years of security and OS updates to keep the phone’s best performance, and Google Play Protect to scan apps. More things from this awesome phone are its ability to call 911 with the car crash detection, Live View in Google Maps, and a recorder.

For the best use, Google Pixel 4 also comes with 3 months of Google One that offers exclusive benefits like 100 GB of cloud storage, such as kDrive, and access to personal online Pro Sessions with Google experts. This phone is available in three colors: Orange, Black, and Clearly White.

Google Pixel 4 1

Google Pixel 4 2

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