For the first time, Aston Martin Lagonda comes with a motorcycle in collaboration with Brough Superior called AMB 001. This motorcycle is revealed in Milan, Italy on 5 November 2019 at the EICMA motorcycle show. It is strictly limited to just 100 examples.

AMB 001 offers a combination of state-of-the-art Brough Superior engineering with iconic Aston Martin design to deliver a piece of automotive art for all motorbikers. It features semi-dry crankcase lubrication, a transmission with an extractible 6-speed gearbox an APTC Clutch, and a final drive by a chain, a gear train, and a short Morse chain.

A compact conception is also added for reliability and precision. The engine covers of AMB 001 are made from the plain by aeronautical suppliers. The exclusive feature in this motorcycle is the turbo supercharging with variable geometry Turbo for more efficiency and the engine has a quick response and high torque in a wide range of RPM.

A combination of the best techniques is applied to AMB 001 innovative chassis, such as structural carbon fiber rear subframe and a CNC machined from solid backbone bolted. The steering and braking functions are separated with the double-wishbone Fior fork, providing a stability that gives a secure feeling.

The body of AMB 001 is made from carbon fiber and some parts are structural to allow weight reduction. Designed equally as a luxury car interior, the leather seat is made from high-quality leather and stitching while the Aston Martin Wings logos are made from a thin laser-cut metal sheet.

Aston Martin And Brough Superior AMB 001 1

Aston Martin And Brough Superior AMB 001 2

Aston Martin And Brough Superior AMB 001 3

Aston Martin And Brough Superior AMB 001 4