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  • Zero DSR Anniversary Edition

    Zero DSR Anniversary Edition

    Marking their 15th anniversary, Zero Motorcycles has launched a special limited edition of the DSR model on the 22nd of April. The lineup comes with five nature-inspired color choices to commemorate earth day.

  • Droog Moto DM-016

    Droog Moto DM-016

    The DM-016 is an electric motorcycle with a fierce and outstanding design built by Droog Moto, an American Exclusive Online Manufacturer.

  • Kabira Hermes 75

    Kabira Hermes 75

    Kabira Mobility, one of the start-ups working on electric vehicles, is back preparing to launch its newest electric scooter. Their newest electric scooter will be named Kabira Hermes 75.

  • Pepper Motorcycles

    Pepper Motorcycles

    Suitable for urban areas, the Pepper electric motorbike has a unique retro look. Swiss start-up company Pepper Motorcycles announce the incoming of an electric motor that is simple and compact for urban areas.

  • Zero Motorcycles x Deus Ex Machina

    Zero Motorcycles x Deus Ex Machina

    Known for their electric motorcycles and powertrains, Zero Motorcycles and Dues Ex Machine have joined forces to create the very first fully customized Zero Motorcycle SR/S. 

  • Motron Vizion

    Motron Vizion

    Motron Motorcycles is a very young brand from KSR Group. Along with various conventional two-wheelers, it is preparing to launch a new range of electric scooters and motorcycles. One product stands out from the lineup, Motron Vizion.

  • Curtiss One

    Curtiss One

    Curtiss Motorcycles introduces a cruiser electric motorcycle that is also America’s first e-Cruiser, the Curtiss One.

  • Super Soco TC Max

    Super Soco TC Max

    The electrification era has left many manufacturers drooling with potential profits. The same thing might quite be associated with the Super Soco, which recently officially presented the TC Max.

  • CAKE Kalk AP

    CAKE Kalk AP

    The CAKE Kalk AP is not just another electric motorcycle from the Swedish manufacturer’s range, but its creation is linked to the fight against poaching of animals in South Africa and the protection of biodiversity.

  • SONDORS Metacycle

    SONDORS Metacycle

    Before this, Sondors only sold electric bikes, but with the desire to reach a broader market, this manufacturer innovated by creating Metacycle. This product is the first electric motor product in the Sondors lineup.

  • BMW Definition CE 04

    BMW Definition CE 04

    BMW Motorrad recently introduced Definition CE 04, a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly concept electric scooter.

  • Alrendo TS Bravo

    Alrendo TS Bravo

    A motorcycle manufacturer from Wuxi, Jiangsu, China – Alrendo Motorcycles – will soon launch a naked sports motorbike powered by electricity called the Alrendo TS Bravo.