For music lovers, iFi Audio Aurora is the best all-in-one music system with awesome sounds. This product has French design from Japanese inspiration that clad in bamboo and elevated by a distinctive aluminum frame. It is also driven by PureEmotion®, an ingenious fusion of amp technologies that can deliver a sound with a purity of tone.

iFi Audio Aurora is equipped with clever technologies to avoid an artificial, lossy process that detracts from the sound quality. SoundSpace® gives the music a sense of scale and space and delivers a room-filling sound. While TrueBass® offers genuine bass with depth and definition with power and poise.

Designed with Auto Room Tailoring (ART)®, iFi Audio Aurora can configure the speaker array automatically according to its position in the room. It is also very easy to connect it via  Bluetooth® or optical cable, place it under a TV, and use it as a stylish soundbar. The user also can create a multi-room system via Wi-Fi.

There is a lot of cable inputs in iFi Audio Aurora such as Ethernet inputs cater to digital sources, coaxial, and optical. The 3.5mm socket provides an Alexa/analog input and there is also a slot for audio stored too on micro SDHC cards. It can be used without a computer to stream audio with LINKPLAY™ WiFi/network playback, built-in Spotify and Tidal.

With its awe-inspiring sound sustainable bamboo design, iFi Audio Aurora is a truly stunning addition for everyone in their homes.

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