The new generation of a camera from MiNT which is easy to be controlled is InstantKon RF70. It is an awesome camera that can give the power of instant experience for all its users. InstantKon RF70 is not only tangible but also real and unedited. It is like the early vintage polaroids but much more accessible and affordable for all photographers.

With more degrees of freedom, InstantKon RF70 can provide unlimited controls in ordinary cameras. This new generation is the last evolution from the previous type: SLR670-S Shutter Control and TL70 Aperture Control. The design of this camera comes in a compact size that allows a wider shooting angle. It also provides a dark, flexible extension between the lens and film plane.

InstantKon RF70 has a classic leather look with nostalgic lever and elegant design that make it more than just a camera. It is an instant camera with the most possibilities in capturing every interesting moment. MiNT has 10 years experience in making a camera and InstantKon RF70 is their finest masterpiece ever.

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InstantKon RF70 6

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InstantKon RF70 1

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