These razors will be everyone’s favorite weapons on the table. Valyrian Steel Razors is a set of incredible, un-bluntly razors that stay sharp forever. It provides the smoothest shave of your life with a perfectly balanced, lightweight, and strong design. The blades are truly made of actual Valyrian steel that can glide gently over the user’s skin without any additional pressure.

There are five infamous hits to choose in Valyrian Steel Razors: Heartsbane, Oathkeeper, Widow’s Wail, Longclaw, or Arya’s Unnamed Dagger.  The classy design comes from the Jorah Mormont’s reliable Heartsbane and its wood-carved handle. There are also Widow’s Wail models and icy Oathkeeper with soothing menthol strips, preventing itching and redness on the skin.

For the cleanest, Varys-level shave, it just needs to pop open the Arya’s Switchblade Dagger. Besides the material, Valyrian Steel Razors features not only complete a set of razors for every need but also a durable design and compact size which is also easy to carry. Every man should have Valyrian Steel Razors, a superior shave for every need.

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