This vehicle-grade scooter is not only quick but also easy to use, safe, and reliable. Boosted Rev is an iconic design of scooter with a combination of vehicle-grade safety and durability. Every component is manufactured and custom-built with the proprietary powertrain technology, providing the best scooter with unbeatable performance and quality.

Boosted Rev has a simple, intuitive Throttle Wheel for easy braking with the thumb roll and one-handed acceleration. The frame is distinctive with ergonomic handlebars and wide, custom-designed tires for stable use and confident feeling. The dual-motor drive provides a powerful mode uphill and secures electric braking both uphill or on the way down.

The users can use Boosted Rev go up to 22 miles on a single charge. This scooter top speed is 24 mph with 25% grade hill without breaking any sweat. It has 3 ride modes to maximize the range and wide wheels to handle anything. Boosted Rev also features a waterproof design that makes it stronger than others and reliable for any situation.

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