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  • Vespa 75th

    Vespa 75th

    Vespa once again launched a special variant of the GTS and Primavera. The limited-edition scooter is here to commemorate the anniversary of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer dubbed Vespa 75th.

  • RION2 RE90

    RION2 RE90

    The Rion2 RE90 is to a scooter what a McLaren Senna is to a car. Moreover, it is also costly and very exclusive. Every part of the scooter is precisely calculated and is done for performance.

  • Voro Motors Wolf King

    Voro Motors Wolf King

    Voro Motors recently announced the Wolf King electric scooter, which is becoming one of the most powerful models on the market. It is an updated version of the previous Warrior model, which was also known for its power.

  • Mercedes-Benz Smart escooter

    Mercedes-Benz Smart escooter

    The luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz recently produces the eScooter, an electric scooter capable of covering a travel distance of 25 kilometers and is expected to be a flexible individual mobility solution for urban urbanites.

  • Segway eMoped C80

    Segway eMoped C80

    The Segway eMoped C80 is a moped-style electric bike. The body is made of lightweight plastic but is said to be durable and does not scratch easily.

  • D-FLY – The World’s First Luxury Hyperscooter

    D-FLY – The World’s First Luxury Hyperscooter

    D-FLY or Dragonfly, the world’s first luxury HyperscooterTM, designed for a progressive group as the future personal urban mobility. It is designed with advanced materials and future technology, making it possible for anything. This Hyperscooter is a new way to ride with the best safety,…

  • Boosted Rev

    Boosted Rev

    This vehicle-grade scooter is not only quick but also easy to use, safe, and reliable. Boosted Rev is an iconic design of scooter with a combination of vehicle-grade safety and durability. Every component is manufactured and custom-built with the proprietary powertrain technology, providing the best…