The Rion2 RE90 is to a scooter what a McLaren Senna is to a car. Moreover, it is also costly and very exclusive. Every part of the scooter is precisely calculated and is done for performance.

Rion2 Re90 3


Features and Specs

It weighs only 31 kg, thanks to the abundant use of carbon for the body, the handlebars, the pole that holds it, and the mudguards. Aluminum only taking part in the two front and rear shock absorbers.

Rion2 Re90 7

The 96.6V 30Ah battery pack is assembled with 30 21700 lithium cells (like Tesla), while the range is claimed to be around 60 km.

Rion2 Re90 1

All this power is transmitted to the ground via PMT Slick Racing tires air suspensions. Braking is entrusted to Magura MT7 carbon.

The top speed of the RION2 RE90 is restricted to 130 km / h, and the acceleration is capable of hooking a sports car. Plus, the handling makes any rider take unspeakable angles on a scooter.

Rion2 Re90 2


Price and Availability

RION2 RE90 is the kind of machine that can be eaten on the track. The problem is, to save weight, the battery autonomy is not tremendous, and it costs three times the price of a high-end standard scooter.

Rion2 Re90 8

The RION2 RE90 is marketed online, with worldwide shipping. But having it shipped to you costs $300, which adds up to the $ 6,800 list price. But as for ArdentX, the shipping can actually be reduced if you only choose carefully.

A lot for a scooter, a little for a racing car.  But the manufacturers call it “the fastest scooter in the world,” and there is no question about this.