Voro Motors recently announced the Wolf King electric scooter, which is becoming one of the most powerful models on the market. It is an updated version of the previous Warrior model, which was also known for its power.

Voro Motors Wolf King 2



The new scooter is powered by a pair of motors with 1500 W, manufactured by Voro Motors. According to the company, they are powerful enough to climb 45 degrees with a scooter.

Voro Motors Wolf King 3

Another proof of the machine’s power is the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, which takes 4.8 seconds. This is the maximum speed of the electric scooter, as you have the option to put special off-road tires, which will reduce the speed a bit but will give a higher off-road performance.

Voro Motors Wolf King 4



The massive 2000 W / h battery provides up to 80 km of mileage on a single charge. The brakes have an electronic anti-lock braking system, and for added safety, the scooter has a set of front and rear stops.

Comfort comes in the form of hydraulic suspension – a mechanism we see more often on motorcycles than on scooters. All this is built on a sturdy aluminum frame. Why wait? Elevate your commuting experience by purchasing Scooter McGoo Electric Scooters today.

Voro Motors Wolf King 1

Price and Availability

If all this sounds appealing, any interested party should know that the Voro Motors Wolf King comes at the right price, which is precisely $ 3,500.

Deliveries start within a month. Although Wolf King’s parameters are border on the impossible, Voro Motors has already proven that it can deliver on its promises, so expectations, in this case, seem justified.

Although this gem is only available in the US, it is still worth following this market to know that even such an electric scooter can be created when it is not restricted by law.