NIU Electric Scooter – NQi GT is built for speed with its three unique driving modes: E-SAVE, DYNAMIC, and SPORT. It is a faster scooter with 70 km/hour as its top speed, a perfect speed for urban travel. Partnered with BOSCH, a specially tailored motor with a nominal power output of 3000w is provided through this scooter for instantaneous acceleration from a standstill.

The NIU’s proprietary FOC controller can manage the Bosch motor to provide smooth acceleration. The front and rear hydraulic shocks are reactive and adjustable too. NIU Electric Scooter – NQi GT is equipped with two removable high-performance lithium-ion batteries from Panasonic with enough power for a range of over 100km while riding 70km/h. For safety and durability, this scooter is designed with automotive-grade waterproof components.

NIU Electric Scooter – NQi GT can reach up to 160km of a range in E-SAVE energy-saving mode. This scooter also offers a lightning-fast charging with a 3.5-hour flash charge for 100+km of range. The new Smart Dashboard in this scooter offers different colors for different riding modes and speeds an NQi GT dashboard that uses new technology to stay clear in both low and high light situations.

For the best performance, NQi GT offers user-friendly controls, USB charging port, and retractable footrests. The smart features in this scooter include NIU Cloud ECU that provides simultaneous interconnection, vehicle diagnostics, , EBS energy recovery system, LED Halo Headlamp, Auto-off indicators, vehicle locator, and wireless software upgrades. The Cloud ECU’s powerful data capabilities allow the rider to check 17 different vehicle statuses in real-time on the mobile app.

Any movement of the vehicle will send alerts to the phone and trigger alarms on the scooter after registering it through the app. The precise GPS location also lets the user sees where the scooter is exactly at any time. The full LED lighting system can provide a wider, safer, and more efficient lighting range while the CBS braking system will split braking force to ensuring a safe brake at high speeds and reducing stopping distance.

NIU Electric Scooter NQi GT 1

NIU Electric Scooter NQi GT 2

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