This digital concert grand piano vision is presented by Roland with the world premiere of the GPX-F1 “Facet” concept. Roland Facet Grand Piano is one of the best digital pianos using Roland’s state-of-the-art technology with a refined sound and touch to meet the needs of world-class pianists.

Roland also focuses on making pianos that look as good as they sound and exploring the traditional piano design limitations. Roland Facet Grand Piano is realized in 2019, designed in a fully working model by a small team of engineers. This model is inspired by three core themes: Evolution, Connectivity, and Design.

The innovative style of this model comes from a combination of evocative crystal-like polyhedrons and a unique ‘floating’ look. Roland Facet Grand Piano is also equipped with Roland’s latest piano modeling sound engine, keyboard, and speaker system. It also allows seamless access to new visual expressions displayed via the piano lid, online communications, and digital content.

The piano’s base, frame, legs, and body unit area influenced by polyhedron shapes while the ‘Facet’ name is inspired by the structure of a crystal. The elegant geometry of Roland Facet Grand Piano is highlighted by the soundboard absence. A unique aesthetic can be found on its cabinet and its angular construction can present a unique and exciting profile.

The sounds are optimized from the latest PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology and the multispeaker Acoustic Projection System. The rich, resonant piano sound can be produced thanks to the powerful speakers housed deep within the base. The ideal piano sound to the player is also delivered by Roland Facet Grand Piano’s unique cabinet design. To be able to play on a beautiful instrument such as this, one can learn from courses like The best piano lessons katy, tx.

For the technology, Roland Facet Grand Piano has a large Android-powered screen that displays a variety of musical contents. This futuristic grand piano also can be used with Roland’s Zenbeats music creation app for creating and composing musical arrangements. Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service is also available to control this piano using the user’s voice only.

Roland Facet Grand Piano 1

Roland Facet Grand Piano 2