This electric city car will be one of the best transportation in 2020. The Bolt Nano has a special look with longer urban commutes and state-of-the-art, compact design. This design can empower the drivers to maneuver through the traffic safely. They also can easily park in the most congested area of the city.

The Bolt Nano comes with a Bolt platform to earn revenue and share the Nano for its users. This platform allows users to track, maintain, and earn income while also helping to reduce pollution and congestion at the same time. The swappable battery electric infrastructure in this electric car is the key to reduce them.

Wait and be patient because the Bolt Nano will be available in late 2020. A refundable deposit is also available if it is reserved by now. Next year, this electric car can be one of the best environmental-friendly machines that help people to keep the air clean.

The Bolt Nano 2