Instax SQUARE SQ20

The newest camera generation from Fujifilm is called Instax SQUARE SQ20. This camera is perfect to be used by the explorative and creative young people. Instax SQUARE SQ20 is a hybrid instant camera with digital picture sensor. With these technologies, users can capture, edit, and print the photos directly.

Instax SQUARE SQ20 has a grab motion feature that can be used to record a short 15-second video then choose the best photo frame from the video to print it. This camera also has a feature that looks like burst mode in a digital camera, a shift collage. With this feature, the users can take 4 photos in a predetermined period of time.

This camera also offers Zoom 4X feature, allowing the users to zoom in the object for 4 times. With a selfie feature, the mirror reflection near the lens can be used to take a selfie with the best result ever.

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