Garmin Forerunner 30 has a GPS feature that can track how far, fast, and where you are going or running. This smart and awesome watch is also equipped with a feature to receive any calls and messages. Each workout data will be automatically harmonized with the Garmin Connect application, giving an easy way for the users to see it from their own smartphone.

The size of this watch screen is 23.5×23.4mm with a 128×128 pixel of the resolution. The weight is not more than 37.3 gram and designed with waterproof features that can be used into 5 meters in depth. The strap is made of silicon material, so it is comfortable for your hand.

Forerunner 30 can be used up to 5 days with its battery life in a smartwatch mode, and 8 hours in GPS mode. Garmin Forerunner 30 is available in three different colors: Black, Green, and Purple, so this running watch is perfect for both man and woman.

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