The Connected Philips Somneo is a great product from Philips for a premium sleep with a warm wake-up light. The users can wake up in a fresh condition with its customizable features that connect to the environment tracking also a Somneo mobile app. It helps the users to get a relaxed sleep at night an wake up refreshed in the morning.

This device has a customizable sunset and sunrise simulation with a RelaxBreathe, light-guided wind-down breathing. The users also can have some personalized setting with a lot of multiple options. With a new level of connectivity, Connected Philips Somneo is very easy to be used with the SleepMapper app.

The app allows users to set alarms, control radio and sounds and also choosing wake-up times. It also shows the environmental data and tracks the users time spent in bed. It is very easy to connect to Android and iOS device.  Connected Philips Somneo comes with a sleek and modern shape, a perfect design to beautify the bedroom.

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