For the curious little minds, Shifu Orboot will be a perfect friend for them to travel the world in fun and interactive ways. It is an adventurous ride that can help all child to get endless knowledge only with a tap of their finger. Consist of Orboot Globe and Orboot App, all kinds of animals, cuisines, inventions, and cultures can be known well.

The child can explore a lot of countries with Shifu Orboot and experience fun learning with great magic. There are 6 different categories with more than 400 highlights and also 1000 cool facts from the countries around the world. It is a perfect smart AR globe for the children aged 4 years and above.

Shifu Orboot is very easy to be used. The users can download the app from the Android Play Store and iOS App Store then open it to start scanning the stars marked on the globe. All highlights of the region in the world can be seen clearly right after exploring begins.

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