This is iWorkCase V3 16, a special case for the brand new MacBook Pro 16. iWorkCase V3 16 comes with carrying strap and keys, aluminum tripod coupling system, custom foam inlay, dark cloth, and sun hood. It fits all different kinds of hard drives and all-digital gears are sorted easily including cables, adapters, and all common card readers.

iWorkCase V3 16 also offers small extra hand baggage, Arca Swiss tripod mount, and dark cloth. It also can give a great tethering solution with the sun hood that can keep flares away to work like a pro. This strong, lightweight and travel-friendly iWorkCase DigiCase has an optimized coupling system that makes it the most lightweight iWorkCase ever made. It is a waterproof, rugged and airport friendly product with the iWorkCase replaceable foam Inlays.

IWorkCase V3 16 1

IWorkCase V3 16 2

IWorkCase V3 16 3

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