When beauty is combined with a balance, Pininfarina offers an inspirational spirit through that combination. It is the first result of the partnership with famed Italian design and engineering house from Karma Automotive. With the two-door coupe, production-ready, and a bespoke, Italian-designed, this car can create future visions of a vehicle.

The design of Pininfarina comes from an amalgam of graceful curves, defining profiles, and fluid lines. This inspiration can create an energetic and emotional design language with timeless beauty. This car also has a dynamic infusion of Karma’s California inspiration that combined with powerful Italian Dolce Vita influence.

Pininfarina offers a stylish interior with GT spirit, technologically advanced, and flexible custom design. A combination of the Italian design with Californian flavor delivers a futuristic vehicle for the next generation. It is one of recommended modern car for those who want to get full easy control in comfortable driving.

Pininfarina Karma Automotive 3

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