LightSKIN is a German approved built-in light seatpost that can brighten both the back and front part of a bike based on the rider’s need. The idea of LightSKIN comes from the habit of rider that usually keeps the object inside some sort of storage unit. This lighting is designed with integrated LED lenses buttons which is very easy to be embedded at the handlebar and seatpost.

The built-in light seatpost uses a unique technique to firmly fix the LED circuit inside the seatpost in a simple design, ensuring maximum performance for the function and strength too. LightSKIN has little risk of being damaged and a low possibility of being stolen. It also offers guarantee superior performance with the silicon water-proof pad and patent-pending.

The necessary of a headlight is very important for the rider. That’s why LightSKIN also comes with a built-in light handlebar for the safety of night riding. It comes in simple design too with low concerns of theft & damage. The 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery is applied for easy battery exchange and charged without taking it out from the bike while charging.

LightSKIN 2

LightSKIN 1