After 30 years of developing the Lister Le Mans and the Lister Storm by Laurence Pearce, Lister Cars bring a new stylish vehicle called Lister LFT-666. This vehicle is designed based on the superb Jaguar F Type with a tuned version of the already potent Jaguar 5.0 liter Supercharged V8 featured.

The complete package of Lister LFT-666 consists of bespoke body and interior enhancements along with the exhaust and suspension upgrades. This car is produced 99 only in total and the owners can enter the exclusive Lister Drivers Club. The 5,000cc Supercharged engine is completed with 8 Lightweight Cylinders in V formation.

The front wheels are 21×9″ in size while the rear wheels are 21×11.5″. These wheels come with Michelin Supersoft XL tires. The modifications of Lister LFT-666 are Lister Engine Management, performance air filtration, custom intercoolers, and upgraded dual supercharger pulleys. This car is 1650kg in weight with 70 liters of the fuel tank capacity.

Lister LFT 666 1

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