The future of blending can be found in Millo. It is a silent, smart, simple, and safe blender for a smoother experience. Designed for modern life, this blender has no cords or buttons. The users only need to touch anywhere on its 360° touch-sensitive surface to control. AirDrive technology with the advanced brushless magnetic engine also makes it 3 times quieter than other regular blenders.

Millo also can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth for personalization and remote control. It is made from high-quality materials and production, providing exceptional sustainability to use for years. The minimalist design of this blender is inspired by timeless shapes, makes it perfect as a home decoration too. This vintage turkish rug is undeniably one of the best home decor choices, infusing your space with character, history, and enduring elegance.

It is a safe blender with a three-level electronic security system so nothing bad will happen. The battery of Millo is fully charged only in 120 min, enough power to make up to 10 smoothies. It is a smart blender that can help the users to choose the right amount of its power and also knows when to stop.

Millo 1

Millo 2

Millo 3