Predator Thronos puts the gamer right in the motorized cockpit. This gaming chair is perfect to enjoy some in-your-face gaming comfortably in the mechanized cocoon-like cabin. For an all-consuming panoramic view and lower the Scorpion Arch, it only needs to use the Control Pad easily.

It is a gaming chair with three curved Predator displays with fast, fluid frames. The user also can feel the in-game sound through the bass-driven vibrations. Control Pad allows the user to command over the play of the game, including complete the ergonomic integration, mechanized keyboard tray, and Zero-G recline.

The design of Predator Thronos comes in cold, black metal shaped with a hardened exterior. The entire body has iconic cutouts that allow the chilly RGB to lighting up the machine darkened shell. RGB Lighting offers four modes and sixteen colors to choose and it can be adjusted easily via remote control.

Predator Thronos 3

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