Razer’s Ultimate Racing Simulator is a truly immersive racing experience at CES 2020, presented by Razer in collaboration with IoTech Studios, SynthesisVR, Simpit, and Vesaro. The concept racing simulator offers an exciting glimpse for gamers worldwide to experience the ultimate racing simulator.

The steering technology in Razer‘s Ultimate Racing Simulator adapts to suit F1, GT, and Standard driving disciplines. It also features a Professional grade direct drive force feedback motor to deliver detailed and smooth information. Other features also include magnetic paddles, adjustable button clusters, sheathed in smooth leather, and forged with carbon fiber and anodized aluminum.

There are also two full HD projectors on a custom-made black projection surface. These projectors come with 202-degree FOV @ 128 inches for deep blacks, vibrant colors, and maximum immersion. The hand-crafted chassis is sleek and durable, featuring a truly modular design for bespoke customization and fully upgradeable architecture.

The high-performance hydraulic 3-pedal system includes clutch, brake, and throttle that features adjustable angles and quick-release pedal positions. There is also a seat belt G-force tensioner system that can increase immersion to provide sustained G-force effects. While the motion platform is powered by D-BOX motion technology, offering Heave, Pitch and Roll movements to recreate the vehicle movements and suspension of a real-world race car.

Razer Ultimate Racing Simulator 1

Razer Ultimate Racing Simulator 2

Razer Ultimate Racing Simulator 3