Samsung, the industry-leading brand in smartphones and smart gadgets, just announced its new smart TV called the QN9OA Neo QLED 4K

As the name implies, the smart TV comes with the Neo Quantum processor 4K and the latest Quantum matrix technology which ensure a powerful full 4K resolution.

Samsung QN9OA Neo QLED 4K 3



Thanks to its Quantum matrix technology, the QN9OA Neo QLED 4K offers a brilliant and intense viewing experience that is hyper-focused on brightness and dimming in all the right places. 

The 4K processor utilizes advanced AI-based with deep learning analysis that tracks signals, source, and scene-by-scene content to deliver the best 4K clarity no matter what you watch.

The motion Xcelerator Turbo+ The TV is equipped with also minimizes blurs and enhances scene clarity even in fast-moving movies and gaming environments.

When it comes to colors, the smart TV also comes with Quantum HDR 32x resolution which gives viewers ultra-rich color with deep contrast, and HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping used to bring out the best colors scene by scene.


The QN9OA Neo QLED 4K also offers an advanced OTS (object tracking sound) technology that delivers realistic sounds and makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the scene you’re watching. Speakers are built into all sides of the TV.

It also comes with an anti-reflection screen which reduces glare from the sun and lights so watching your favorite movie will be distraction-free.

One of the best features of the QN9OA Neo QLED 4K is its active voice amplifier that detects disturbances and enhances the voices on the screen to deliver louder and clearer dialogues.

Samsung QN9OA Neo QLED 4K

Price and Availability 

The Samsung QN9OA Neo QLED 4K comes at 5 different sizes and prices. The 50” inch TV is priced at $1499, while the 55” one retails for $1799.

 The 65” and the rest of the sizes has a starting price of $2599 and up. You can also add a qualifying soundbar to save up to $500 when purchasing.