This is the Hybrid Filter, offering the highest possible control over the iPhone camera. It can protect the iPhone from overexposure and also improve the high dynamic range with superior performance. Hybrid has a neutral density and polarizer filter combined in one to reduce glares and give more flexibility with shutter speeds.

Designed with a multi-coated and anti-reflective glass, Hybrid Filter can produce an accurate transmission of color and the aluminum frame material makes it light and durable. It can be used to manage reflections easily for more transparent bodies of water and clearer skies.

SANDMARC’s Hybrid Filters are compatible with the iPhone lenses, allowing the users to get different perspectives of photos with increased control of the camera system. It also has easy setup for easy use with the clip-on mount provide. By rotating the front piece of this filter, the users can adjust the polarization levels.

Hybrid Filter 1

Hybrid Filter 2

Hybrid Filter 4

Hybrid Filter 5