Built like an Aeroplane, Avial e-Bike is a different e-bike from others. It has a rear motor and mid-drive 250W with a patented frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This e-bike also has time-tested Shimano components with Gearsensor as a sensor in the transmission, providing smooth shift gears for comfortable movements.

The weight of the patented frame is about 3.5 kg and the carcass of the frame makes it possible to install the mid-drive or the rear-wheel drive. The frames are available in some different sizes that made for bicyclist weights up to 120 kg, manufactured based on proven aviation technology that does not use welding at all.

There is an onboard computer on Avial e-Bike that supports the electric drive 5 power levels. With the front fork, Avial e-Bike can provide a multi-purpose e-bike such as an energetic off-road bike or high-speed urban. The removable high-capacity battery comes with a USB charging connector, designed for an adventure up to 60km only on a single charge.

Avial E Bike 4

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