When a family needs a little more space, Mantis from TAXA Outdoors comes with some great additional features. It is an outdoor habitat for go-anywhere durability. The additional features of Mantis include cassette toilet, wet bath, 20-gallon freshwater capacity, water heater, and interior two-burner stove.

This rugged 19-foot-long habitat can accommodate 4 adults for sleep with 3,000 lbs in weight. The innovative and purposeful design with enough space makes Mantis is perfect to relax and sit up together. There is also a collection of premium accessories for long-haul trips such as integrated 12-v electrical system, furnace, sink, and shower unit.

The spacious space in Mantis can be converted into a full-size bed and a comfortable seating for 6 with a room for the whole family and an adjacent lounge area. There are also some available options that can be added to Mantis like Dometic® 12V, 78L Refrigerator/Freezer, Shower Curtain, and also 15″ Steel Spare Wheel & All-Terrain Tire.

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