Meet Zeus Radial V8 from Curtiss Motorcycles, a unique all-electric motorcycle designed with ‘V8’ powertrain. It has a battery pack has been designed in V8 format and arranged not only for show but also help in better cooling efficiency.

In a partnership with an Oxford-based engineering company called YASA, the powertrain of Zeus Radial V8 is built specializes in electric motors. This powertrain can produce 217 hp and 199 Nm of torque while the battery capacity is 16.8 kWh at 399V.

The design of the Zeus Radial V8 machine was originally designed by Glenn Curtiss, a clever engineer that made V8 has a capability in reaching 218 km/h in 1907. The production of this awesome motorcycle begins next year with its extremely radical design.

Zeus Radial V8 1

Zeus Radial V8 2

Zeus Radial V8 3

Zeus Radial V8 4

Zeus Radial V8 5

Zeus Radial V8 6

Zeus Radial V8 7