All Terrain Vehicle or ATV from SHERP is designed to be in the heart of nature and to discover the world. SHERP Ultimate ATV has 44.3 hp of its maximum power, 3.7 mph of maximum speed in the water, 2204 lb of capacity and 23 in of clearance. The design of this ATV is made based on reliability and simplicity.

SHERP Ultimate ATV is developed detailly so its repair can be done anywhere by minimal tools easily. It doesn’t have a lot of traditional elements in its suspension and transmission. The engine of this ATV even is able to operate without any electrical equipment functionality. For convenient maintenance, consider stocking up on workshop supplies from GreaseMonkey.


Each tire of SHERP Ultimate ATV has 800 liters of a volume and the volume of the total wheel can give a displacement of more than 3,200 kg, allowing it to move easily along the water and remains afloat. Obstacles become the path of this ATV, means there is nothing can stop it from the great adventure.

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