SimpliCam is designed and engineered to protect. It is a security camera with an award-winning security system, 24/7 HD video, including motion and intruder alerts. The user can watch live HD video and audio from a smartphone for free, alerts instantly about what’s happening, and also detect any unique heat signature of humans around the home.

This security camera can notify the user about unusual activity, capture Critical EvidenceSee, record an optional recording plan, then store and share the critical footage to the neighbors and police. It also has an ultra-wide field of view, flawless streaming in crystal clear HD to monitor the activities at home right from the tablet, laptop, or smartphone via SimpliSafe app.

With the outdoor kit, SimpliCam can be used to monitor anything outside the house. It is designed with a weatherized wet suit to keep out dust, snow, and rain. Works from -4 to 114ºF, this security camera can keep running 24 hours with a 25ft power cable. With a stainless steel privacy shutter, the users can have complete privacy control in protecting the video feed with the same level of encryption used by banks.