This world’s smartest and easiest to use remote control designed by Sevenhugs Inc. Smart Remote provides simple and easy control to the entire home. The users can control multiple devices only with a single touch. This remote control is perfect for a game day that can power the AVR speakers, cable box, and TV.

Smart Remote is also perfect for dinner to turn up the lights and activates the Sonos speakers. Using this remote control, the users can create a magical environment inside the house by turning on the Apple TV to inspire more creativities. With the dedicated handheld touchscreen, it is very easy to share and control kinds of music.

The users can create their own control screens by customizing Smart Remote. With the Smart Remote App, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and infrared, all devices and services are easy to set up. Smart Remote comes in two different types: Smart Remote U and Smart Remote X. Smart Remote U is a remote control for the entire home with Smart Remote X has contextual awareness with Room Sensors.

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Smart Remote 2

Smart Remote 1