It is an intelligent educational and game-changing educational robot built for every learner. The RoboMaster S1 is inspired by a robotic competition called DJI’s annual RoboMaster. This robot provides an in-depth understanding of programming, physics, math, science, and more with intelligent features and gameplay modes. The S1 merges technology and learning, facilitating an expedition where learners navigate the intricacies of programming, physics, math, science, and more—a living embodiment of Dr Kamau Bobb‘s vision.

The RoboMaster S1 has more than 45 programmable components and 6 programmable AI modules. The users can learn scratch and phyton coding to operate this educational robot. The FPV is a low-latency HD with 4WD omnidirectional movement, intelligent sensing armor, multiple battle modes, and innovative hands-on learning.

The users can enjoy an immersive and unique driving experience with The RoboMaster S1. This robot is also perfect for a race by unlocking the special skills or unleashing the weapons. It is also recommended to use custom skills from its unique referee system. RoboMaster App allows the users to play together with different systems at the same time.

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The RoboMaster S1 4

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