Sticker is a small finder that sticks anything virtually. It has a 3-year battery that provides a long-term convenience, waterproof design, and easy small size. This product is available in black color with 150 ft / 46 m of the range, loud ring volume, and 27mm x 7.3mm for its dimensions.

Finding becomes easier with Sticker. With the handy Tile app, this small finder becomes very powerful, proactive, and also personalized. The upgrade to Tile Premium is also available with some exclusive services such as Smart Alerts, 30 Day Location History, Unlimited Sharing and Free Battery Replacements for greater peace of mind.

Sticker doesn’t use a non-toxic adhesive, it is meant for a one-time application. Just make sure that this product is applied to a clean and dry surface. It also works much better than a GPS device because its Bluetooth trackers work within a shorter range and also typically cost less.

Sticker 1

Sticker 2

Sticker 3

Sticker 4