Tropos Motors ABLE™ XR RHD

This awesome vehicle is perfect for public works and parking enforcement. Tropos Motors ABLE™ XR RHD is the first vehicle can fill the gap between the compact pickups and vans, and conventional low-speed vehicles (LSVs). It has an extremely tight turning radius and maneuverable that suited for all activities.

Tropos Motors ABLE™ XR RHD also comes with safety and comfort features. It is built with automotive grade components with a 13kWh or 26kWh lithium battery configurations available, up to a 160-mile range*, and 25 mph capability. This vehicle is designed with a lot of standard features too.

The standard features include a driver-side airbag, full-length steel chassis, reinforced floors and doors, a hill-hold feature, a load sensing ABS brake system, a top priority, and driver safety. The lithium battery pack in Tropos Motors ABLE™ XR RHD can provide enough power for license plate reading technology and HVAC.

The drivers also can feel more comfortable with the enclosed cab all year round, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and a backup camera. The autonomous and telematics XR Chassis is also ready in Tropos Motors ABLE™ XR RHD. It is an incredibly versatile electric vehicle platform with robust towing and payload capacities and automotive-grade components.

Tropos Motors ABLE™ XR RHD is designed for small or large and any load. It has a substantial payload capacity of 2000 lbs on private facilities, 1100lbs on public roads, and closed campuses. This vehicle is a towing powerhouse with a towing capacity of up to 3000 pounds on closed campuses and up to 2000 pounds on public roads. With the electric drive system and ultra-linear power delivery, the driver enables to pull off-the-line effortlessly.

Tropos Motors ABLE™ XR RHD 1