The new special version UAZ Combi is ready for everything. UAZ SGR Combi Expedition is the expeditionary version based on the 7-seater UAZ SGR Combi that has design details and reinforced off-road qualities. It makes the off-road driving safer and comfortable om the undeveloped routes. It is one of the best vehicles to get more extraordinary experience anytime and anywhere.

UAZ SGR Combi Expedition offers the wide supports of the trunk that can provide an even distribution of the load while the high walls are perfect for installing roller shutters, a jack, or shovel. It also has BFGoodrich tires with black steel rims, very strong AT-tires. The terminal comes with a bracket on the duct tunnel, a user interface unit with an SOS button, speaker, and microphone, and an antenna module on the instrument panel.

This version also has a steering link protection with a tubular design that can protect the steering rods from damage and mechanical stress. The front power bumper is designed with a winch and kangarin, and this winch is arranged and selected so it doesn’t interfere with the engine cooling. The traction hitch in UAZ SGR Combi Expedition can provide the most reliable grip with trailers to equip it with additional equipment and increase its functionality.

The functional interior details consist of a seat upholstery with water-repellent impregnation and contrast stitching, a single key and sliding interior windows, heated front seats, and two seats with an easily removable little table. While the body of the UAZ SGR Combi Expedition is painted in protective or orange color which is very stylish.

UAZ SGR Combi Expedition 1

UAZ SGR Combi Expedition 2

UAZ SGR Combi Expedition 3

UAZ SGR Combi Expedition 4

UAZ SGR Combi Expedition 5


UAZ SGR Combi Expedition 7