The revolution in off-road electric skateboarding can be found in Velox Electric Skateboards. These skateboards are designed for exceptional off-road performance with solid structure, powerful brushless hub motors, and heavy-duty components. The patented design in these skateboards comes with an independent suspension system with over six inches of travel.

Velox Electric Skateboards have two configurations and two style packages to suit user’s preferences. These skateboards come in four different types: Sleek SX-5, Sleek XC-6, Stealth SX-5, and Stealth XC-6. A cross-country/off-road with a wide stance packed in XC-6, together with ten-inch wheels and more potent brushless motors. Both SX-5 and XC-6 models provide a thrilling ride, unparalleled performance.

SX-5 model from Velox Electric Skateboards offers an awesome speed with control handling while the XC-6 model is more sleek, smooth, stable, and beautiful with its design and machine. For more responsive and light performance, Stealth SX-5 will be the best choice and those who want to have the best features of a skateboard can choose Stealth XC-6.

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