From Boston Dynamics, Spot® is an awesome nimble robot that can traverse rough terrain and even climb stairs easily. It is designed to be a rugged and customizable platform to accomplish the needs of remote operation and industrial sensing. This robot also can carry payloads to a place where wheeled robots cannot.

With endurance far beyond aerial drones, Spot® has a sophisticated performance. Its speed is 1.6 m/s with 90 minutes of runtime and a swappable battery. This robot also can use stereo cameras and avoid people or obstacles with 360° of vision. The design is built to withstand wet and dusty industrial environments from -20°C to 45°C, including crash protection with its IP54 ingress protection.

Spot® is also customizable with a DB25 payload connection and 14 kg of payload capacity for flexible payload interface and accessible API. This robot also enables third parties to develop the next robotic generation. It can be used on construction sites, inspect facilities and improve awareness remotely, and also navigating from afar. With the Spot Software Development Kit, the user can add some features and capabilities needed.

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